• Junichi Suzuki

    Director, Writer, Producer
    Having over 34 years of experience as a Motion picture director, writer and producer; seminar lecturer, volunteer of making educational films, Junichi Suzuki is credited with 13 feature films as a producer and 16 feature films as a screenwriter and 27feature films as a director.
    He is also credited with numerous television documentaries as a screen writer and director.
    He is a member of the Directors Guild of Japan.
    Founder of Eleven Arts, Inc., a global distributor of Japanese movies in Santa Monica, California and also founder of Film Voice Inc., a film production and distribution company in Tokyo.
    Husband of actress Rumi Sakakibara.


    Born in Kanagawa Prefecture, near Tokyo.


    Obtained a B.A. in Ethics from Tokyo University and entered Nikkatsu Studio Corporation, the oldest of four major film studios in Japan as an assistant director.


    Debuted as a director with Nikkatsu Studio Corporation.


    Director contracted with Nikkatsu Studio Corporation.


    Freelance director.


    Went to Morocco as a volunteer film director of a Japanese Peace Corp.


    Sent to the U.S. by the Japanese Cultural Affair as a visiting scholar to NYU Graduate School Film Program.


    In The Soup. (Co-Executive Producer)

    This film won the Sundance Film Festival Grand Jury Prize, an official selection of the Venice International Film Festival, the Chicago Film Festival Grand Prize Winner, and an official selection of the New York Film Festival.


    Film Voice Inc. Tokyo, Japan. Founder/President

    Attended the Japan-China Scenario Symposium in China as a member of the delegation.


    Invited by the Ministry of Indonesian Information and taught all aspects of film
    production to 18 young Indonesian directors.


    Instructor at Rikkyou University and Tokyo Kougei University, both nationally
    renowned institutions in Japan. Retired as President and became the Director of
    Film Voice, Inc.


    received the Green Card from the USA Government and started living in Los Angeles.


    Founded Eleven Arts, Inc., a global distributor of Japanese movies in Santa Monica.


    Freelance director from Eleven Arts Inc.
    Direct comedy series “LA Blue,” produced by United Television Broadcasting Systems, Inc. in Hollywood (broadcasting on KSCI Ch.18)


    Started making the Japanese American History Trilogy Documentary Feature film.


    Had a fatal car accident and sent by the emergency chop to Las Vegas University Hospital.


    Completed the trilogy films and won the “Fumiko Yamaji Cultural Award” and “Japanese Film Critics Award” and finished the l1 years life in the US and returned to Japan.


    Produced the first feature documentary film about Tea Ceremony “The Head of the School of Tea Ceremony - My Father is the Grand Master – “ .


    Directed three feature films “Washoku -Beyond Sushi- “, “Miyako-jima Triathlon” and “Crossroads” and they were released in a year. It’s very rare now.

    Main Films

    Trilogy Films of Japanese American history during WWII:


    Director and writer of the feature documentary “Toyo’s Camera-Japanese American history during WWII –“

    Part I of the trilogy on Japanese American history during WWII. It was released in Japan and the U.S. and was favorably received by the Japanese American community in Los Angeles. The number of audience at Aratani Theatre in Little Tokyo on March 15th, 2009 broke the theater’s records in 20 years.

    2010 Director and writer of the feature documentary” 442-Live with Honor, Die with Dignity-“

    This film is Part II of the trilogy on Japanese American history during WWII: it was awarded the "Special Audience Award for Courage and Commitment" at the 2010 Maui Film Festival and officially invited by Tokyo International Film Festival 2010.
    It became the big hit in Japan and USA of 2010 and the critical claim.

    2012 Director and writer of the feature documentary “MIS – Human Secret Weapon –“

    This film is the last of the trilogy on Japanese American
    history during WWII: it was awarded the Japanese Film
    Critics Award and Fumiko Yamaji Cultural Award and
    officially invited by Tokyo International Film Festival.


    Feature film, “Haunted Highway” (Director, Screenplay, Producer)
    Released by Lions Gate Films Home entertainment


    Feature documentary, “Yukio Mishima” (Producer)


    Feature film, “The Lonely Affair of the Heart” (Director, Producer)

    Documentary movie, Rokurobyoue was officially selected to screen at international film festivals (Producer)


    Feature film, “Go Rascals! “ (Director, Screenplay, Executive Producer)
    Recommended film by the Japan Cultural Affairs


    Feature film “Remembering the Cosmos Flower “(Director, Producer, Screenplay)

    Awarded Best Feature Film at the Idyllwild International film Festival


    TV documentary, The Frontiers of N.P.O. in Cambodia (Director, Producer, Scriptwriter)
    Japanese and American co-production feature film Surrogate Mother (Screenplay)


    Feature film Sukiyaki (Director, Producer, Screenwriter) was officially selected to screen at international film festivals


    Feature film “ IN THE SOUP” won a Grand Jury Prize and Special Jury Prize in Sundance Film Festival and also officially selected to screen at Venice International Film Festival and released in the world. (Co- Executive Producer)


    Feature film “Sand Castle” was officially selected to screen at several International Film Festivals.
    The Best Actor in the Asia Oceania International Film Festival in Jakarta, Indonesia. (Director, Screenplay)


    Feature film “Shiro and Marilyn” was big hit, its box office was No.10, including Hollywood films in that year. (Director)


    Feature film “Akainawa Hateru Made” won a Director Prize in Romantic Film Festival. (Director)
  • Rumi Sakakibara
    March 5, 1951 Date of Birth
    Hometown Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
    43 kg 159 cm Weight Height
    Specialist cleaning.

    その後、松竹と専属契約を交わし「望郷」(監督 大嶺俊順)で映画初主演。
    続いて「男はつらいよ 奮闘編」(監督 山田洋次)に7代目マドンナとして出演する。


    著書に、「熱情 天使の反撃」(96年一葉社)、「榊原るみの お掃除しましょ」(99年講談社)、「榊原るみの お片づけしましょ」(01年講談社)がある。特に前書は「お掃除本」としては10万部以上の売行きを示し、台湾でも中国語翻訳版が出版された。
  • Jupiter
    May 15, 2008 Date of Birth
    Boy, such a girl like
  • Megumi Matsushita
    January 16, 1981 Date of Birth
    Hometown Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
    Special skill / qualification piano, calligraphy, Japanese dance, vocal music usually driver's license

    1993年、東芝日曜劇場「課長さんの厄年」TBSにて 萩原健一さんの娘役でドラマデビュー(12歳)。
    その後「3年B組金八先生第4シリーズ」(95)の学級委員長 伊丸岡ルミ役。「暴れん坊将軍」(00)で大岡越前の姪役。映画「秋桜COSMOS」(97)(すずきじゅんいち監督)に主演。舞台「ピーターパン」(親子共演.97)ウエンディ役。
  • 2015

    “Washoku – Beyond Sushi – ”

    Directed, written and planned by Junichi Suzuki.
    Chief Producer : Shigeto
    Terasaka, Music : Akihiko Matsumoto
    107 min. / DCP / Color / 16:9 / 5.1ch / 2015

    Documentary film about Washoku which is selected as World Heritage and filmed in all over Ametrica and Japan.


    “Miyako-jima Triathlon”

    Total director = Junichi Suzuki
    90 min. / DCP / Color / 16:9 / 5.1ch / 2015

    Documentary film about Triathlon.


    “The Head of the School of Tea Ceremony ~ My Father is the Grand Master~”

    Produced by Junichi Suzuki
    Directed, written and edited by Hiroki Takano
    Narration: Yuko Kobori (Daughter of the Grand Master)
    91 min. / DCP / Color / 16:9 / 5.1 ch / 2013

    The first feature documentary movie in the world about the Grand Master of Tea Ceremony portraits the Japanese Leonardo da Vinci, Enshu Kobori’s 13th-generation Mr. Sojitsu Kobori’s everyday life from his daughter’s eye.


    “MIS ~ Human Secret Weapon ~”

    Directed, written and planned by Junichi Suzuki
    Supported by Dr. Paul Terasaki
    Chief Producer: Shigeto Terasaka
    Theme Music by Jake Shimabukuro
    100 min / Color and B&W / 16:9 / DCP / 2012

    The unknown stories of these men who shut their mouth up for several decades. Their duties were so much critical for the U.S. Army.
    In 2012, the time has set to reveal the whole story of the Military Intelligence Service. During World War II, six thousand Nisei (second-generation Japanese Americans) served in the Military Intelligence Service, performing secret intelligence work against the Japanese military. Their work dispelled any doubt that as Americans the Nisei were willing to fight an enemy with whom they share a similar ancestral background. This film was awarded “Yamaji Fukiko Award” and “Japanese Movie Critical Award in the feature documentary films”.


    “442 ~ Live with Honor, Die with Dignity ~”

    Directed, written and planned by Junichi Suzuki
    Cooperated by Yuma Asakura
    Camera by Masashi Kobuchi
    Editor: Toru Mihara
    Narration: Lane Nishikawa
    Music by Kitaro
    97 min / Blu-ray /Color and B&W/ 16:9/ 2010
    During WWII, soldiers of the 442nd Infantry Regiment, composed mainly of Japanese Americans, fought not only the enemy, but fought prejudice, facing severe racial discrimination in their homeland.
    The 442nd was in an ironic predicament, fighting for a country that had branded them as enemies. However, these young men volunteered to fight and prove their loyalty as patriotic Americans, which defined their identity as they risked their lives for the cause.
    This film won the Special Audience Award of Maui Film Festival.


    “Toyo’s Camera ~ Japanese American History during WWII ~”

    Directed, Written and Planned by Junichi Suzuki
    Supported by Japan Arts Fund and The Japan Foundation
    Music by Kitaro
    Theme music: Mike Shinoda
    Interviewee & Narration: George Takei
    98 min / Blu-ray /Color and B&W/ 16:9 / 2008
    First movie of the Japanese American history trilogy and the biggest hit at the Japanese American Theater in a day in its 20 years history. More than 2500 audience came to see this movie there in a day.
    Toyo Miyatake smuggled in his own camera lens and built a camera to take photographs of life behind the barbed wires.
    This movie portraits the Japanese American people’s life in the interment camp from his photographs during WW2.


    “The Lonely Affair of the Heart”

    Directed and Produced by Junichi Suzuki
    Script and Original Story by Masaru Baba
    Camera by Yuichi Nagata
    Editor: Tsuyoshi Imai
    Starring: Rumi Sakakibara, Masakane Yonekura, Kazuya Takahashi, Kimiko Yo, Megumi Sakakibara
    89 min / 35mm / B&W / Vista / 2001
    Through the middle-aged woman, this movie portraits the solitude, sex, old age and wander about love.
    Monochrome beautiful camera drew the middle aged woman’s subconscious.
    This movie released both Japan and USA.
    Suzuki’s wife Rumi Sakakibara plays the leading role.


    “Remembering the Cosmos Flower”

    Directed, Produced and written by Junichi Suzuki
    Camera by Kaz Tanaka
    Art Director: Hisao Inagaki
    Sound: Yukio Kubota
    Starring: Akane Oda, Megumi Matsushita, Mari Natsuki, Hisano Yamaoka, Joe Shishido, Kai Shishido, Senichi Ishii, Binpachi Fujita, Rumi Sakakibara
    104 min / 35mm / Color / Vista / Dolby / 1997
    A small town with stereotype about HIV.
    Discrimination is a given! A young woman endures AIDS with the support of a strong mother and a good friend.
    This movie portraits two high-school girls’ strong friendship and their strong heart beautifully and made many audience moving.
    It won the Idyllwild International Film Festival Best Feature Film and was recommended by many organizations in Japan and released in both countries.



    Directed, produced and written by Junichi Suzuki
    Producer: Shohei Motonami
    Camera by Kazuhiko Nara
    Music by Masamichi Shigeno
    Starring: Rika and Yuka Sekiya, Sachiko Hidari, Kai Shishido,
    Tamio Kawachi, Mieharu
    95min / 35mm / Color/ Vista / 1995
    A heart-warming movie with the perfect ingredients!
    Sukiyaki can be viewed two ways, a popular Japanese cuisine or a gathering of a family.
    This hear-warming comedy takes places in Yokohama where the Mihara family owns a restaurant called “Boston Grill”.
    Experience the up’s and down’s of this family and learn how they deal with the everyday problems they are faced with during difficult times.
    This movie was invited by some international film festivals.


    “The Island Honeymoon”

    Directed and written by Junichi Suzuki
    Camera by Shinsaku Himeda
    Art Director: Teru Yamazaki
    Music by Haruhiko Tsuda
    Starring: Anna Nakagawa, Norito Arai, Johnny Ohkura, Keiko Masuda, Noriko Sengoku
    97min / 35mm / Color/ Vista / 1991
    Based on the real story written by Ritsuko Minoda.
    City girl Ritsuko got married with a wild boy Toshiharu and went to an uninhabited southern island as their honeymoon.
    Romantic Ritsuko dreams her honeymoon as a totally natural romance but her husband Toshiharu intends to make her be acclimated to her new life in his ranch.
    Day by day, their honeymoon becomes a battle…
    Hit movie in Japan in 1991.


    “In the Soup”

    Co-Executive producer: Junichi Suzuki
    Directed and written by Alexander Rockwell
    Producer: Jim Stark and Hank Blumenthal
    Starring: Seymour Cassel, Steven Buscemi, Jennifer Beals, Will Patton, Stanley Tucci, Jim Jarmusch, Carol Kane
    93 min / 35mm / Vista / B & W / 1992

    In 1992, this film won Sundance Film Festival Grand Jury Prize and Special Jury Prize.
    Based on director Alex’s real experience.
    A strange friendship between a young man who wants to be a filmmaker and an old gangster.
    A funny new comedy.
    This film was invited Venice Film Festival and other festivals.


    “Sand Castle”

    Directed and Written by Junichi Suzuki
    Music by Junichi Nihashi
    Camera by Koichi Suzuki
    Starring: Yasuo Daichi, Yoko Asaji, Shoichi Ozawa, Reo Morimoto, Hitomi Takahasi, Hiroyuki Nagato,
    105 min / 35mm / Color / Vista / 1989
    This film won the Asia Oceania Film Festival Leading Actor’s Award.
    “If you live in our model house which is more than a million dollar as a model family in a year, you can get it after one year.” Kido family applies this offer by the developer and wins, the many things begin to happen with them.
    In Japanese real tragic comedy situation at that time, the movie portraits the modern Japanese family ironically.
    This was invited by a lot of international film festival.


    “Shiro and Marilyn”

    Directed by Junichi Suzuki
    Executive Producer: Kazuyosi Okuyama
    Script by Hisashi Nozawa
    Camera by Tatsuo Suzuki
    Art Director: Yuichi Maruyama
    Starring: Masaya Kato, Narumi Yasuda, Tomokazu Miura, Masumi Harukawa, Choichiro Kawarazaki, Mako Ishino, Yoko Ishino
    112 min / 35mm / Color / Vista / Dolby / 1988
    Based on a real story.
    Shiro is a male dog living in a small island Aka in Okinawa and go to see his lover dog Marilyn living in an other island Zamami that is two miles far from Aka.
    The story proceeds with two love tales between Shiro and Marilyn and a Shiro’s owner and a beautiful girl. This movie was a big hit in Japan and about three million audience went to see this movie in 1988 and won several awards including Japanese Academy Awards.
    Recommended by Japanese Ministry of Education.

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